Distributed and decentralized CDN, WAF, and DDoS Solutions via Blockchain

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What is Gladius?

Next-Generation, Decentralized DDoS mitigation, CDN, and WAF services

Gladius is a scaleable, decentralized, distributed and self-controlled CDN, WAF, and DDoS solution designed to utilize spare capacity to serve content and mitigate DDoS attacks. Either serve your own sites and applications, or join our network by joining a protection pool and making your own.


We cover all the bases

Gladius allows enterprises, ISPs, data centers, and even individuals to create pools that content creators can route traffic over to serve content faster and safer than traditional methods.
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Gladius also fits well within current network implementations using a myriad of deployment options because…

Gladius is a software solution.

Deployed on bare metal, VMs, or containers (docker, ECS, OpenShift) in almost any environment, Gladius is designed to be modular, giving pool operators maximum flexibility when designing their network and deploying nodes. Gladius uses blockchain technology to fortify authentication/authorization of nodes and content


Gladius works like traditional CDN and WAF solutions, but puts control back into the hands of the network operators and gives Everyday users a chance to participate in the solution.

Pool operators can recruit nodes from their own infrastructure or from the world at large, allowing almost anyone with a solid internet connection and spare computer to contribute to their pools.
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Why make another CDN/WAF/DDoS solution?

Current solutions are centralized

Pool infrastructure can be decentralized to cover large geographic areas or specific industries.

One way transactions

Pool operators can pay everyday users for their bandwidth, lowering their overhead and spreading out the responsibility of serving up content across a large pool of trustless nodes.

DDoS protection is overpriced

Why does DDoS protection cost so much from everyone else? Pools with sufficient edge nodes can mitigate attacks without costly hardware or expensive contracts from cloud DDoS providers.

WAF is too difficult to maintain in the cloud

All or none seems to be the only options available to web clients. Why not give websites more control and allow them to implement new rules to cater to their specific applications.

Can not utilize excess capacity

Imagine a world where all the space bandwidth capacity is used to protect websites from DDoS attacks while providing Layer 7 protections. Gladius makes this possible.

Detailed Accounting

Blockchain enables nodes in a deployment to trustlessly verify the origin of any message in the network. Transaction details are now stored on an open ledger using smart contracts enabling a wide array of possibilities. Basically a simplified and verifiable accounting solution, potentially across multiple parties. In this case, CDN and DDoS mitigation

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We are working with some of the most influential companies in our space and we are always looking for others that want to join in on the action!
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