Gladius allows users to rent out their unused bandwidth in order to provide CDN and DDoS protection to websites at a fraction of the current market price. Participate in our token sale!

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About Us

Gladius is creating software that allows anyone to rent their unused bandwidth in order to help websites load faster and protect them from cyber attacks. Currently websites rely on big data centers to provide that service for them, but the costs are insane.

Gladius lets everyday consumers be part of the solution by allowing them to earn cryptocurrency while renting out their unused bandwidth thereby creating a large decentralized network.

The Gladius Network offers web masters faster load times (CDN) and protects them from cyber attacks (DDoS attacks) better and cheaper then ever before.

Tokens Distribution

Tokens will adhere to this distribution.
After the funding period is complete, the Partnership and Core Dev tokens will be allocated based on the amount of public coins sold.

Public Release

Estimate Earnings

Use the sliders below to customize your upload limitations and daily uptime.

Upload Speed


Daily Uptime

8 Hours

Daily Earnings


Weekly Earnings


Monthly Earnings


*Estimated profits based off of a $0.03/GB rate. Gladius cannot guarantee this rate, or any profits. This is an estimate based on favorable market conditions and should be treated as such.




Pre Sale
The launch of our private presale and the start of our outward fundraising. Accredited investors will have the chance to kickstart the Gladius network from ground zero.



Soft Network Launch
The first publicly available version of the Gladius network that everyone can get their hands on. Put your Gladius Tokens to use in our alpha platform.



Public Token Sale
Our first and only public sale of tokens for the platform. Take advantage of early coin multipliers and get in early. Only a fixed number of coins will exist!



Full DDoS and CDN Launch
The beta release of the Gladius network. Fully featured with the cornerstones of our CDN and DDoS mitigation services.



Full Public Launch
The first official public release of the network. Websites and businesses of all shapes and sizes will be able to use our network to speed up and protect their sites. Full support and assistance included.



Further System Optimizations and Stretch Goals
The final bells and whistles of the platform. From the various stretch goals, to bullet-proof security, and everything in between.