Protect websites against DDoS attacks. Serve content. Earn Gladius Tokens.

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How you fit in

Your role in the Gladius Network

The Gladius Network is comprised of computers running the Gladius Node software. By downloading the software and joining a pool, your computer has the ability to protect and serve websites. You too can become a part of the Gladius Network!


Download the Gladius Node software for your system. Click the download button in the top right or go to the downloads page.



Run the Gladius Node software and go through our setup process. No signup needed.



Earn Gladius Tokens (GLA) by becoming a part of a pool and keeping the software running. It’s that easy!

Gladius Marketplace

Join a pool directly from the Node Manager

Use the Gladius Marketplace to apply to a pool that’s right for you. Once you’ve been accepted into a pool you can leave the Node Manager running and start earning GLA. You can manage and monitor your pools from the dashboard.
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Screenshot of product

View Transactions

Manage and track your earnings

View all of the transactions for your account from the transactions page. You can keep track of how much GLA you’ve earned, how much you’ve transferred, and any other transactions.

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