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We are the next generation of internet security. Together we are building innovative protection solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape of the internet.

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Who We Are

Businesses, developers, and individuals use Gladius to protect, manage, and contribute to fighting DDoS Attacks.

Gladius is a cybersecurity company dedicated to ending Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. The Gladius DDoS software platform aggregates massive amounts of unused bandwidth from corporations and individuals, making that bandwidth instantly available to any participating company to easily, inexpensively, and effectively defend against inbound DDoS attacks.

Why we built Gladius

We're here to shake things up...

Before Gladius, we stumbled upon a harsh reality. It’s impossible to build a company and keep it safe from the darkest corners of the Internet without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it’s just wrong that the cost of protection can exceed the potential breach consequence itself. We knew that the traditional way of fighting DDOS was dated and often didn’t work. We are leveling the playing field by creating a distributed solution to address a distributed problem.

Why we built Gladius

Gladius is headquartered in Washington DC, with another location in New York.




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Gladius works with the top companies in our space and are always looking for others that want to join in on the action!
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